I guess I worked on Monica’s last thesis film. Might be my last thesis film of Chapman.. It was fun scoring this short but glad it is over!


my last thesis film Water On Mars screens this saturday.

..and i don’t know what to wear.  to look nice and normal or go in a robot costume (used in the movie)?!  hmmmm such a dilemma.

oh and i color corrected all of these stills on my own lol i’m sure the DP won’t be happy but he won’t know.

Solo Cello

I’ve been hesitant on posting this piece because the recording is terrible. Since the recordings in this class is done are read-through sessions, the cellist, as amazing as he was, just sightread through it. His intonation was pretty bad so I had to put a lot of sewer reverb. I hope ya’ll enjoy.

Just to update on projects..

It’s been a busy semester. On top of composing two to three pieces a month and doing mundane assignments for my classes, I’m currently scoring three animations and two short films on the side. I’m going to try to post all of these on my site by summer. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed but I try to rely on God’s Grace and just try to soak in the blessing of it all. He is my confidence and source of peace. He fills me with substance to do good work.

I’ve been telling myself I can watch movies to be inspired when I feel unproductive but it’s really an excuse to be brain dead and feel productive at the same time. I do get good ideas from certain scenes though..

Check out some of the animators I got to work with this semester.





i ditched class today to make music.. not sure how productive that is. i finally got my pro tools up and running so i decided to mess around with my samples and ended missing class. i started off in sort of a ethnic, “world music”-y direction but ended up with some tron. might have been a facebook status about tron.. anyways, enjoy. what i call a one take chaos

found in the devil's postpile(mov no.2)

the second movement: found. listen after the previous post of alone in the devil’s postpile(mov no.1)

i forgot to mention that these recordings were run throughs, which means that they were sight read so the playing isn’t perfect. planning to record the second movement legitimately once i finish writing it.

alone in the devil's postpile(mov no.1)

i wrote this woodwind quartet piece for one of my composition classes. there’s a second movement to it which is the “found” part of the story. i was inspired to write this piece when i came out of the JMT into mammoth. we went to a restaurant and saw a lady with some paramedics who went for a day hike to the Devil’s Postpile the previous day and got lost and was out in the woods all night. she was wearing shorts and a thin shirt and had no water. they said that if the two hikers didn’t find her that morning she would’ve died. 

i had to camp that night by myself and happened camp next to the hikers that saved her. he was sharing what she looked like when they found her. i had told them how i was a composer and he told me that i should write a piece about the lady being lost in the woods by herself and to try to capture all the emotions like fear, paranoia, and hopelessness. so here it is, four months later. will upload part of the “found” movement of the piece that is still in progress.

Waltz in Eb Major(for piano)

a waltz I wrote awhile back that I tracked for a wedding. I want to record it in a huge church hall on a real grand piano. midi sucks. inspired by minimalist composers like reich, cage, and glass.

currently hashing out ideas for a lullaby album. it will be titled lullabies for genius toddler or lullabies depending if psam and pbinna’s next baby is as genius as river.. it is 100% inspired by river lee’s genius ways. idea for the project started when I wrote a piece for river called for river: lullabies for genius toddlers, which came from a little shimmy dance of a tune I used to play for river on the recorder. anyways, it will hopefully range from beautiful harp, piano, strings ensemble to an ambient electronic loopy instrumentation. 

delirious dexter

This piece was one of my projects last semester for my lessons. Barry, my mentor/private teacher, challenged me to approach writing this concert piano piece by setting preconceived compositional ideas. It was really weird to write with this technique because I had to set seven sections with preset pitches and rhythmic values. This is what came out. Surprisingly, I liked the outcome and would like to see it played live one day.

It was given this title because I was delirious staying up writing and watching dexter. haha

Oh and also I couldn’t listen to each section until I finished them and had to listen back to expand on ideas that I liked.