Solo Cello

I’ve been hesitant on posting this piece because the recording is terrible. Since the recordings in this class is done are read-through sessions, the cellist, as amazing as he was, just sightread through it. His intonation was pretty bad so I had to put a lot of sewer reverb. I hope ya’ll enjoy.

Just to update on projects..

It’s been a busy semester. On top of composing two to three pieces a month and doing mundane assignments for my classes, I’m currently scoring three animations and two short films on the side. I’m going to try to post all of these on my site by summer. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed but I try to rely on God’s Grace and just try to soak in the blessing of it all. He is my confidence and source of peace. He fills me with substance to do good work.

I’ve been telling myself I can watch movies to be inspired when I feel unproductive but it’s really an excuse to be brain dead and feel productive at the same time. I do get good ideas from certain scenes though..

Check out some of the animators I got to work with this semester.